Above is a small sampling of our bespoke possibilities. Please contact us for details and more options.

    Modula-conceptio brings a new and innovative idea to the U.A.E. An Epoxy (epossidica) based RESIN product, it comes in varied customized colours, transparent, shiny, satin or opaque finishes, with printed, uniform, textured, mottled or patterned backgrounds. It's ability to include the most disparate of materials from fragments of glass, mirror, metal or natural materials like bamboo and flowers allow for the invention and planning of ever different and unrepeatable solutions for every design need.

    The product being a self leveling resin achieves a monolithic and seamless surface with no joins and is extremely compacted, ranging from 2mm to 5mm in thickness. It's application is direct on site. It's non-slip, dust free, impermeable, waterproof and smooth properties allow for almost every application or utilization from homes to higher traffic areas like offices, shops, restaurants, bars and much more. It has an extreme ease of maintenance and only occasional buffing is required to restore its original beauty again. Resin does not damage easily. If there is a slight damage it can be touched up, however there might be a slight variance.

    All the materials are imported from Italy to ensure the highest quality available. Above is a sampling of some of our works. The possibilites are endless due to the bespoke nature of our work. Contact us for more details and options.

    Our highly skilled Italian head artist is from the Milan school of art. In 1995, he discovered the medium to express his art form. Since then, he has dedicated the last 15 years in working with Resin and creating new and innovative ways of decorating floors, walls, panels, doors, stairs, table tops etc. He was one of the pioneers to use Resin for artistic flooring, and today is the most renowned artist in this field constantly reinventing his methodology to keep up with changing trends.