Modula-Conceptio is a contemporary interiors boutique , based in Dubai, amalgamating unique styles of design from around the world. The products range from seamless, hand crafted resin flooring, Deco art statement pieces involving doors, wall panels, wall art etc. home furnishings to Murano glass lighting and furniture. We also support upcoming and established talent in all realms of fashion, art and design in our mezzanine gallery space.

Our philosophy is to bring to the discerning customer in the middle east an exciting and unusual blend of products to complement any interior, reflecting today's contemporary vision.

Our Passion for well designed products with visual drama that stand apart is reflected in our design approach and philosophy.

The chairman has dedicated his life's work to design and beauty. He travels far & wide in search of dreams and visions based on nothing more than a photograph or scene in a movie. Modula-conceptio was set up to bring unique products & techniques to the connoisseurs of beauty, taste & uniqueness in the middle east region.

Run by two artistically inclined and enterprising young women, our studio has become a voice for many similar emerging talents who wish to showcase themselves through our platform.


Resin products by the Artist with Gobbetto

Our renown Italian artist from the Milan school of art discovered the medium to express his art form in 1995. Since then, he has dedicated the last 15 years in working with Resin and creating new and innovative ways of decorating floors, walls, panels, doors, stairs, table tops etc. He was one of the pioneers to use Resin for artistic décor flooring. Today, he is the most renowned artist in this field with a few books and museum collaborations under his wing. A few of his works can be seen in Café Atlantique - Milan, Replay stores - all over Italy and Barcelona, Athena bar / nightclub in Greece , Majesty Hotel in Syria and Just Cavalli showroom in Dubai and Kuwait. He has also done several famous private homes, offices and spaces in Europe, Dubai and the Middle East.

Gobbeto has been offering solutions to architects, artists and designers in the application of resins since the 1960's. Their activity is devoted to develop high technology systems and techniques to obtain surfaces and backgrounds, capable to highlight contents, artistic and communicative languages, expressed through the plasticity of resin materials.


Barovier&Toso is the oldest glass company in Italy and possibly the world and produces their glass collection on the island of Murano. The history of Barovier&Toso dates back to as far as 1295 and numerous museum collections include some of their finest glass work. Their his focus is to blend the masterful old glass blowing techniques with new modern styles. The Italian glass company produces a wide range of hand made Venetian glass items, classic and contemporary lighting including chandeliers, pendant lights, table lamps, floor lamps and wall sconces. The Barovier&Toso contemporary lighting collection is perfect for any home decor and custom designed glass chandeliers can be made upon request for public buildings.


Seguso Interiors is a unique resource to designers and consumers dedicated to the art and production of lighting, furniture and interior accents with authentic Venetian techniques.

The Seguso heritage dates back to 1397 and along with a unique range of existing products is also well poised to provide the designer or end user distictive custom projects in Murano glass.


Established nearly 50 years ago Fabbian produce some of Italy's most beautiful contemporary lighting. Based in Venice, Fabbian specialize in innovative glass manufacturing techniques that build on the murano tradition and take the skills into the 21st century. The result is a lighting collection, which incorporates the latest architectural designs.


Through intense research in experimenting New Forms, Technologies, Processes, Materials and development over time Lualdi has won recognition of its leadership in the design of interior doors. A pioneer of industrial design applied to the door, Lualdi, since 1960, has developed a range of high quality products created by big names of the Italian and international design; beginning with Luigi Caccia Dominioni. Over 4 generations Lualdi not only excels in the attention given to product quality and processes but also to the daily commitment to the protection of environmentally and ecologically sustainable use of materials and resources.


Capturing a missing link in the local market, the gallery in our previous location provided a unique space for a variety of talents. There have been numerous shows for established artists (Seema Kohli, Tarun Tahiliani, Gauri & Nanika Ranna Gill, Malini Ramani, Ayesha Hashwani, Rizwan name a few) as well as upcoming designers from around the region. The galley had also been actively part of a visiting bus tour during the annual Art Dubai festival. Modula has also supported various charities through events in our gallery.


In keeping with our philosophy of amalgamating unique hand made designs from around the world, Modula also brings a diverse range of lifestyle products to the market to suit the discerning eye of our varied clients.


Our New showroom located street side in the high end boutique Sunset mall, on the prestigious Jumeirah beach road gives us high visibility and a wide range of clientele.

Our previous stand alone 2 story Showroom for interior products was based on the prime 'high street' of Dubai, (5 minutes drive from the Burj Al Arab), giving us high visibility and convenience.